You have such a great variety on your Instagram, but I can't find the products in your shop. Why?

I am a one woman show and working with clay can be a slow meditative process. I don't want to compromise quality and magic, so I prefer to make less, but well. Instagram is more of an idea of all the things I've ever created. 

Do you have a never ending stock of products?

My goodness, no. I wish I were offered more than 24 hours/day, but I'm no different than the next person, so I can only create so many pieces. 

How often do you do shop updates?

I aim to offer bimonthly updates, which I always announce on the website and on my Instagram page. Please be on the lookout for the next date.

Do you ever offer pre-sales?

Not at this point. But I might in the future.

Do you do wholesale?

I do offer work on a case by case basis for wholesale collabs. Contact me for details.

Can I place a custom order?

I don't currently accept custom orders. That includes no custom ring sizes, product dimensions etc.